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    YOSLON automatic dough divder and round machine


    One year for you to fold the cost of labor 216,000 yuan

    This set of bread dough split rolling production line, you can create higher production efficiency and profit.

    1, bread dough weight adjustable: 20-250 grams per (note: The weight can be adjusted with the production needs at any time).

    2, production efficiency: can be divided into 5,400 dough per hour, equivalent to the production efficiency of 13-15 workers.

    3, split the error rate of the rolling dough: In the video, split 68 grams of each bread dough as an example, each dough error rate within 2 grams.

    4, easy to operate: The complete set of equipment covers only 4 square meters, height of 1.5 meters of staff can operate, the whole set of equipment power is only 2-kilowatt, high efficiency, save land, power saving, very easy to operate. 5, the monthly can be folded to save workers wages: a grassroots production staff, monthly salary of about 1600--2600 yuan, in terms of the minimum wage, 13 employees one months salary total: 20800 yuan.

    In other words, the use of this equipment for production, each month can be a reduction of 1.5-18,000 workers ' wages, investment in a set of equipment (one year) can recover costs. 6, the deduction of electricity, equipment maintenance, equipment depreciation costs, each month can be reduced to save the basic staff salary of 18000 yuan of employment costs. A year can be folded to save about 216,000 yuan workers ' wages. It is not only within a year that the cost of investment in equipment can be recovered, but also the high production profits can be earned.

    This set of equipment is the domestic equipment company in the same industry, with the best cost-effective split rolling line.

    7, the national package door-to-door, package installation and commissioning, one year warranty. Efficient production, not only for you to bring higher gross profit, at the same time for your business to create a better competitiveness.

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